10 Ways to Connect with Wired Tweens & Teens

February 13, 2009 at 8:04 am 2 comments

10-graphicAt OneSeventeen Media we know that meeting youth in their tech-savvy culture is one of the best ways to connect, and we’re huge proponents of using social media tools with the kids you care about. Here are some ways you can reach out to you tween or teen through technology.

1. Record a video greeting together for a friend or relative who lives out of town, then have your tween show you how the video can be uploaded to YouTube  and shared with the recipient.

2. Create a Facebook or MySpace profile for yourself to reconnect with friends and former classmates. Have your teen walk you through the process and explain how to make your profile great.

3. Find a funny joke and send it to your child via text message to let them know you’re thinking about them.

4. With your teen’s help, start a family blog to share your family adventures and best pictures.

5. Ask your teen to teach you how to play their favorite online game.

6. Use family photos to create a JibJab video starring you and your teen.

7. Have you teen make a playlist for your iPod (or burn you a CD) of their favorite songs for you to learn to enjoy.

8. Let your teen play cameraman for a video segment about your favorite childhood memories of your teen and what you are most proud of about him/her. Upload the video together and burn it to DVD for your tween to treasure.

9. Go online “shopping” together to check out anything you all are in need of: a pet, your next vacation spot, a birthday present, a new house. Read reviews and demonstrate being an informed consumer!

10. State an email dialog with your teen where you ask and answer one interesting question a day. For example, one day you would ask your teen if they could meet one famous person who would be and why, and then answer the question for yourself. The next day let your teen ask a new question for you both to answer. (I’ve done this with a friend before and it was really a good time and provided lots of insight!)

What are other suggestions for connecting with tweens or teens through technology?

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  • 1. bcarls  |  February 17, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    Amy, I know of a parent who was an attorney, and very busy like most of us. He and his older son had a great relationship and could talk about anything face-to-face. His relationships with his younger son was different. They ended up communicating better online through email at the time – this was about 10 years ago – but today it would probably be through texting.

    Especially for tough issues, they could email and work through whatever issue came up between them.

    My point here is: don’t always go for the “best” or “how my friends communicate with their kids” – do what works for your child at the time. If they’re into texting – text. Find a way to connect.

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