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US Teen Girl Saves Life of UK Facebook Friend


Facebook friend saves life of suicidal teenager from the other side of the Atlantic,” reported by The Daily Mail.  

This story is encouraging on several fronts.  First and foremost, this young man is still alive, and will hopefully get the professional help he needs.  Beyond the averted tragedy, this story is a great example of a teen girl doing the right thing and acting compassionately.  We’ve been plagued in the last year by some high profile stories of teens and parents who were silent bystanders, or worse, encouragers of teens taking their lives, and this is a refreshing example of compassionate responsibility on behalf of this girl and her parents.  This is also strong evidence of teens being willing to “self-police” in online spaces and knowing when to engage adults for additional support.    Kudos to this teenage heroine for taking action and saving the life of her Facebook friend!

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