Research Reinforces Social Media Key to Reach Kids

June 1, 2009 at 3:37 pm Leave a comment

teens and sns

Forty-two percent of teens use social networks daily.  This statistic, and a slew of other useful ones, come from the most recent presentations released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project: Teens and Social Media (pictured above), Social Network Usage in Teens vs. Adults and Cyberbullying.  Check them out; they tell us the teens + tweens continue to increase in their interactive connectivity.  EMarketer also shares that 15 million teens + tweens are going to be in virtual worlds by 2013.  To reach kids parents, organizations and companies have to meet them where they are — in social media!

Also, Danah Boyd makes a case for why teachers should be able to connect with students in digital spaces saying,

“Most of what teachers hear from students outside of the classroom might be answerable by students’ parents if only youth felt comfortable asking them. Teachers get asked about learning in general (e.g., “Why should I care about Shakespeare anyhow?”). They get asked health and sex-ed questions (e.g., “When will I get my period?”). They get asked for relationship advice (e.g., “How do I ask Alex to go to prom with me?”). They get asked about the future (e.g., “How do I get into college?”). Teachers get asked about the serious and the mundane, the personal and the abstract. But most of it has nothing to do with harm or abuse. Youth turn to teachers because they trust them, because they need advice from an adult and because they think that a trusted teacher might be honest with them. While some teens have other adults they can turn to, this isn’t the case for all teens. And for those teens in particular, it’s absolutely crucial that teachers are able to be there.”

As someone who has had valuable interactions with my own students through social media, I agree with Danah.  Unfortunately, there are kids who also don’t feel like they can talk to their parents or teachers.  We’re excited to provide a safe space for these kids to come to find accurate information about the big deals and little deals in their everyday lives.

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