Today’s Kids: Expensive, But Not Worse Behaving

August 6, 2009 at 2:49 pm 1 comment

kid-moneyA Canadian study reports that today’s kids behave no worse than their parents;

“The conventional vices such as smoking, drinking and occasional marijuana use are all down from Bibby’s earlier Teen Project Canada studies dating back to the 1980s. So are the teen problems of the sort highlighted by the media such as depression, suicide and bullying, according to his 2008 survey of 5,200 teens from coast to coast.”

While it might be mildly reassuring that this generation of teens and tweens are no worse off than their parents, the expansive media coverage on youth issues should make us aware of many individuals were previously falling through the cracks unnoticed.  Twenty-first century tweens and teens are often criticized for their over-sharing, but when kids are willing to open up through new media tools, there’s a unique opportunity for us to provide support and resources to help navigate their struggles.  At OneSeventeen Media, we’re motivated around using social media to connect kids with the tools for success that weren’t readily accessible a generation ago.

Another (expensive) sign of the times: the average family will spend $221,000 to raise a child born in 2008 to age 17, according to a USDA report that’s been widely covered the last few days.  This is no small chunk of change, but as Joanne Jacobs points out, the figure could be quite inaccurate.  On Jacobs’ blog, there are some interesting comments where a single mom explains the number sounds low:

“Overestimates? If anything, it underestimates. I’m a single parent in Southern California, living in a middle-class neighborhood. It costs me $500 MORE a month to rent a 2-bedroom apt. than a 1-bedroom. If I rented a house for optimal “family raising” conditions, it would cost even more. So already, we’re talking $108,000 just for him not to share a room with his mom. Even with extra-cheap child care until he turns 12, we’re talking $40,000 more. It would cost more than that for a parent to stay home for 12 years. That’s $148,000, and we haven’t even gotten to health insurance, medical expenses, food, or clothing yet.”

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  • 1. Amy Looper  |  August 7, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    Amy you always do a fantastic job staying on top of the latest information surfacing in our area of interest and expertise! I agree with the person you quoted above who responded to Jacob’s blog–it’s probably way more expensive than most people think in many cases.


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